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2022 New Year’s Message


Dear fellow colleagues,


While we may stay up late for a countdown to the midnight chimes ringing 2022 in, or get up early for the glory and spectacle of its first sunrise, let's celebrate the New Year with a sense of accomplishment and expectation that we are all entitled to.


This has been a time of no precedence—never ever, have there been greater opportunities, tougher challenges or heavier responsibilities. The new era is beckoning us all. It expects us to play our part, and sets the stage for us to shine. It is up to each and every one of us BOCers to ride the tide of times.


In 2021, the world was tumultuous, its economy flagging and less predictable. Notwithstanding, Chinese people responded with resolve and passed the test with flying colors—making fresh contributions to fostering a new pattern of development, and yielding further results in pursuing high-quality growth. BOCers have risen to the challenges of this new era. Digitalization forced all industries to evolve, leaving behind those who dragged their feet. Barriers estranging countries from one another, once torn down by globalization, were re-erected by the Covid-19. And yet, there were silver linings. China’s reform and opening up went deeper and further; vibrant businesses and a dazzling array of innovations here were making people’s lives better.


Today, BOCers are forging ahead, with this unshakable faith: build a first-class global banking group, to bridge China and the world for the common good. We’ve never ceased to pursue our values of providing excellent service, innovating with prudence, upholding openness and inclusiveness, and collaborating for mutual growth. We’ve brought to shape our new strategy of “One Mainstay and Two Engines”, and eventually turned 2021 into a splendid start of the 14th five-year development period.


And we turned it into a year of growth. Our core commercial banking operations continued to expand steadily, enabling us to firmly support the real economy and the country’s development imperatives. Our business boomed in technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, cross-border services, consumer finance, wealth management, supply chain finance and county-level financial services.


It also became a year of breakthroughs, as we achieved better synergy between globalization and our diversified business platforms, raised the bar in customer service, made new progress in the scenario-based financial services eco-system, and accelerated enterprise architecture implementation and digital transformation.


And a year of responsibility as well. We optimized our organization, furthered reforms and reinforced our traditional strengths; we also aligned our operations and management with ESG standards to facilitate China’s efforts toward the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


Last but not least, a year of connectedness. We made our presence actively felt in a series of major international events that took place at home, including the CIIE, the Hainan EXPO, the CIFTIS, and COP15, supporting the higher-level opening-up of China.


Finance fuels growth. Here at Bank of China, we take it both our mission and aspiration to serve and contribute to the economic and social development of our country through finance. Knowing where we are, and skilled at what we do, BOCers have surfed the trend of times and answered every urgent call with “Mission Accomplished”.


An understanding of the wider world warrants an understanding of our place in it. Trickles ultimately form a tide, and individuals together define our time. We have proved our collective strength; it enabled us to surmount any difficulties. Each and every one of us will continue to work as one, with the passion, vitality and action that have carried us where we are.


Fortune favors the diligent. Each one of us is uniquely endowed in one way or another. United, we will make a roaring tide.


In 2021, we triumphed over an arduous journey; and 2022 is unfolding, towards a new era.


In 2021, each one of us displayed braveness and resilience, whose extraordinary work has made the year such a success; and we will be prouder of ourselves still in 2022, keeping a warm heart, striving for our dream and scoring greater victories.


Trees taking root deep worry not about staying beneath.


We look forward to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics on 4 Feb, towards whose success we’ve been making an enduring contribution; eventually, we will both make history.


And then again, on 5 Feb, we will celebrate our 110th anniversary, a day to draw strength from the past, but also a day to look into the future.


The year of 2022 is a magnificent new start for Bank of China—all the more reason for us BOCers to dream big and work in solidarity. Together, we will turn our shared vision into reality.


BOCers, keep on marching, in your confident strides, towards the new era!


It’s been quite a journey! Let’s wish, a very happy 110th birthday to Bank of China.




二〇二二年 元旦

The Senior Management of Bank of China

1 January 2022